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Flynxo is a one-man company, dedicated to high-quality training in the field of  multilingual technical communication. It was founded in 2008 by Ken De Wachter as a business card for his occasional workshops about translation technology.

In the meantime, Flynxo focusses on two main topics: knowledge management and translation technology.

About Ken

As the proud son of a cleaning lady and an IT guru, Ken has always found himself at the crossroads between communication and technology. During his studies in translation at Lessius (now KU Leuven), he started focussing on software documentation and wrote his thesis on terminology on multilingual technical documentation. After graduating with honours, the Dean of the faculty offered him a position as coordinator of a new postgraduate programme designed to train linguists in advanced usage of software applications.

In the following years, he and his colleagues defined and managed ambitious training objectives for the programme. They kick-started new modules on Machine Translation and Technical Communication. Ken started teaching computer-assisted translation to junior and veteran translators. He still teaches, and still loves it. 

When the programme was on the rails, he cut back his hours at the university to start as a technical writer in the IT domain. He currently writes and revises user guides, technical information and interface text. 

For his complete track record with dates and employers, check his LinkedIn profile.

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