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Terminology Management

Terminology is a crucial part of your knowhow and expertise. Whether you write or translate, you need to speak and understand the lingo.

Terminology for Translators and Translation Agencies


This course focuses on multilingual terminology management. We look at the most important aspects of terminology, but mainly from the point of view of the external language service provider.

Key topics covered:

  • Academic foundations

  • Semantics and meaning

  • Searching and finding information using search engines

  • Online terminology repositories, parallel corpora and other sources

  • Manual and automatic term extraction

  • Terminology management

  • Integrating terminology in a translation workflow

Terminology for Content Owners

Your company knows that terminology is important. Every team uses the same terms, consistent definitions and the same, clear examples. Your users know all of the terms, and know where to find further information.
Back to reality… Every company struggles with aligning terminology across all teams. That’s normal, and it shows that your colleagues care! This training program will give you hands-on tips and tricks to collaborate with colleagues on terminology.

Key topics covered:

  • Content analysis: where do you use terminology?

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the stakeholders

  • Common ground and potential conflicts of interest

  • Strategies for collaboration and optimal outcomes

  • Terminology management: coining new terms and keeping existing terms up to date

  • Knowledge management: relations between terms and writing usable definitions

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