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Memsource is a translation software solution featuring translation memory, terminology management and project management. As a certified trainer, I deliver high quality workshops in the use of Memsource for translators and for project managers.

Training program

Setting up Memsource

  • Translation memories

  • Termbases

  • User accounts

Project management

  • Creating translation projects

  • Linking translation memories and termbases

  • Assigning linguists to translation jobs

  • Options, project settings and project templates

  • Preparing documents for translation

  • Handling updated source files

  • Confidentiality and GDPR

Advanced management of translation memories and termbases

  • Importing and exporting content

  • Merging and splitting translation memories

  • Batch editing translation units and termbase entries
  • Converting existing content to translation memories and termbases

Time and financial management

  • Analysing projects

  • Drafting time lines
  • Drafting budgets

Advanced usage

  • Automated project management via web portals and connectors

  • Advanced user management

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